Our donations help to save the world's poorest Jews.

  • Tatyana Skorohod lives alone in a studio apartment in Bălți, Moldova. She has a tiny pension, about $35 a month. In the winter her utility bill can run as high as $53. Our donations help to guarantee that she doesn’t have to choose between heat and food. Tatyana is also a volunteer for the same “Hesed” program that helps her, frequently visiting a another elderly client who is bedridden.

  • Valeriya Sarabun is just six years old. She and her mother fled domestic abuse in eastern Ukraine and now share a room in Odessa with her mother’s stepfather and brother, using a bookcase as a divider. Our donations help to provide Valeriya and her mother with winter boots, food, and medicine, and allow her mother to train as a nursing assistant.

  • Alexander and Bella are both 78. They were forced out of Donetsk, in Ukraine, and found refuge in a town about an hour to the north. They thought it would be temporary, but even if their medical needs could still be met in Donetsk, there is no hope of returning there. Our donations help them and 2,800 other “internally displaced persons” in Ukraine.

Please donate now. It will do a world of good.


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